1. Lack of Emotional Support:  A lack of emotional support can lead to feelings of neglect and emotional distress in the child.

  2. Inconsistent Discipline: Inconsistent discipline can confuse the child about acceptable behavior

3. Overindulgence and Spoiling:  Spoiling a child with excessive material possessions or allowing them to have their way all the time can create a sense of entitlement 

4. Neglect or Ignoring the Child: When a child's needs are consistently ignored, they may struggle with forming healthy relationships and developing trust

5. Excessive Criticism:  Constant criticism can harm a child's self-esteem and confidence. They may develop feelings of inadequacy and become overly self-critical.

6. Setting Unrealistic Expectation:  Placing unrealistic expectations on a child can lead to feelings of constant failure and frustration.

7. Favoritism:  Showing favoritism towards one child over others can breed resentment and jealousy among siblings, leading to strained family relationship

8. Lack of Boundarie:  Not setting appropriate boundaries can result in undisciplined and disrespectful behavior.

9. Failure to Lead by Example:  When parents engage in negative behaviors, suchs aggression or dishonesty, children are more likely to mimic those actions

10. Lack of Communication:  Failing to communicate openly and honestly can lead to misunderstandings and emotional distance.